Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sleep On it: Dreams May Help You Solve Problems

Did you know Paul McCartney composed “Yesterday” in a dream? Studies show that when you dream, you’re more open-minded and may see things from a different perspective. Here are two different approaches you might try to solve a problem or increase your creativity: 1. Clear your mind before you go to sleep. Read a book, talk about something else, go to sleep, and trust your subconscious. 2. Focus on the problem you want to resolve. Form it into a question (for example, “What should I say to have a successful meeting?”), write it down, and visualize a positive outcome. With either method, write down what you remember about your dreams when you wake up. They may be illogical, but the imagery or events could be a metaphor for a solution that relates to your problem. These techniques require a positive attitude and lots of practice, but they can help you! For further information, look up the work of dream psychologists, such as author Deirdre Barrett.

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