Thursday, January 3, 2019

How To Protect Yourself And Others On The Road

Could you pass a written driver’s test – today? The results of an online GMAC Insurance survey showed that nearly 1 in 5 licensed drivers – 38 million Americans – probably wouldn’t! Here’s what you should do to brush up on the Rules of the Road and make yourself safer.  Take the National Drivers Test. Go to Answer the 20 questions from state exams and study up on the ones you missed. You also can download it to Facebook and challenge your friends.  Review Local Traffic Laws. Many states post them on a .gov website.  Avoid these top driving mistakes that cause crashes: • Multi-tasking while driving. Say “no” to: texting, phone calls and eating! • Following too closely. Leave 2 seconds between you and the car ahead. • Failure to yield on a left turn. Check for cars or people in your path. • Incorrect merging. Merge carefully but don’t stop. • Backing up. Don’t rely on the mirrors. Look over your shoulder.  Consider a refresher course. AARP offers an online Driver Safety Course geared to drivers 50 and older. Plus, taking it may qualify you for a car insurance discount.  Keep your brain sharp by subscribing to a computer driving program. CogniFit sells a Senior Driver program that starts with an assessment of 10 cognitive abilities essential for safe driving, including visual scanning and response time. It’s probably good for everyone!  Get help from your car. The next time you’re car shopping, look for a model that offers new “smart” technologies such as Distance Control Assist (which applies the brakes when you’re following another car too closely); Blind-Spot Detection (which alerts you about vehicles in your blind spots); and Night Vision Systems (which give you a vision of the road ahead with a infrared beam).

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